About the Breeds

Murphy's first adult showI have applied my canine breeding genetic knowledge to my cat mating’s with a five year plan in place using the same power points I had used so successfully with my dogs.
  • Health
  • Temperament
  • Type
This is my mantra and my commitment to producing the Siamese and Oriental cats of “NICEONE”


All my breeding cats are DNA tested for PRA (progressive retinal atrophy or night blindness) the cause of many cats being killed on the road at night. I also test to ensure the long hair gene is not present. All are regularly scanned by a specialist vet for any early symptoms of HCM (Hypertrophic Cardio Myopathy) this is a hereditary condition affecting heart muscle; if present the cat’s life will be at risk of heart failure. At present we don’t have a DNA test for this condition so continual vigilance is essential. When selecting a stud from out of my cattery I ensure the lines of the cat have no history of Amyloidosis, Epilepsy or Asthma.
My queens have only one litter a year and are retired at six years old to become spoilt pets while my studs remain entire for only five years before they are desexed.
I have a stringent broad spectrum worming program for kittens and breeding stock, plus regular vaccinations to ensure continued good health.
All our cats are house raised until sold or selected to be bred with, these then, go out to our cattery to weather proof, comfortable and heated units with company and music playing.
We use only premium quality dry food and supplement this with raw meat and fish. Hygiene is stringent with clean litter trays and bedding daily. Each cat is groomed daily not just for skin and coat health but for the plain enjoyment we both gain from our time together.


Above all a cat is a companion animal so it is essential that emphasis is placed on friendly, sociable kittens.
Our kittens don’t leave us before twelve weeks of age, by then, they will have been desexed, vaccinated and carefully bought up in a family environment, they will have dealt with domestic noise, dogs, and other animals, they will be litter trained and on a full diet. We expect them to adjust to their new homes with ease.
When our kittens leave home their bags are packed with:
  • Five generation NZCF registration.
  • Vaccination certificates
  • Microchipped
  • Feeding and general care information
  • Health and welfare recommendations
  • 24/7 availability from us, for support or recommendations for the life of your cat.
We are extremely selective as to the bloodlines we have, both those we have imported and those we have incorporated from other breeding catteries who share our vision of excellence in breed type.
I recommend a visit to the New Zealand Cat Fancy site to study the Breed Standards for both the Siamese and Oriental cats, please note the only differences are eye colour and the absence of the pointing gene in Orientals which give an overall body colour and /or pattern rather than the colour distribution on the extremities as in the Siamese. The breeds are regularly interbred to improve the quality of the progeny and diversify the gene pool.